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Bob Ferguson's Work for Washington Families

Bob holds powerful special interests accountable when they don’t play by the rules, defends our civil rights, protects Washington’s environment and wildlife, and stands up for working families and the most vulnerable in our state.

Fighting for Reproductive Freedom

Bob is leading the fight to ensure Washingtonians have access to safe abortions and the critical drug mifepristone. He championed the My Health, My Data Act into law – the strongest health data privacy protections in the country.

Standing Up for Workers

Bob is holding wage theft violators accountable with both civil and criminal prosecutions. He is the first Washington attorney general to criminally prosecute wage theft. He passed legislation to ensure willful wage theft violators don’t receive government taxpayer contracts.

Standing Up for Our Civil Rights

Bob formed the Wing Luke Civil Rights Division in the Washington Attorney General’s Office  – and it’s now the strongest civil rights division in the country fighting discrimination. He personally argued the Arlene’s Flowers case before the Washington State Supreme Court after a flower shop owner refused to sell flowers to a same-sex couple for their wedding.

Fighting for Consumer Rights

Bob made consumer protection a cornerstone of the Attorney General’s Office – holding accountable powerful interests that don’t play by the rules. Bob quadrupled the size of the Consumer Protection Division in the Attorney General’s Office – at no cost to taxpayers!

Protecting Our Environment

As an avid backpacker and climber, Bob has a strong commitment to the protection of our state’s beautiful and unique environment. As Attorney General, Bob created the Environmental Protection Division. He won more than a dozen convictions for crimes against the environment.

Fighting for Fair Elections & Open Government

Bob passed legislation requiring all elected leaders in Washington state receive open government training. Bob passed legislation increasing the penalty for violating Washington’s Open Public Meetings Act.

Working for Veterans

Bob comes from a family of veterans. Bob’s late father, Murray Ferguson, was a veteran, both his grandfathers were veterans, and many of his uncles served in World War II. Bob works to honor the service and sacrifice of our servicemembers and veterans. 

A Champion for Seniors

Bob partners with AARP to provide fraud fighting tips for seniors across Washington state. Bob strengthened our state laws around financial exploitation of vulnerable adults and identity theft.

Standing up for Survivors of Violent Crime

He kept nearly 100 of the most violent sex predators out of our communities. He is using innovative new tools to help law enforcement solve cold case homicides and sexual assaults. He is working to end Washington’s shameful backlog of rape kits, because Bob believes these victims of sexual assault deserve justice.

An Independent Leader

Bob puts the public interest above partisan politics. Bob twice sued the Obama Administration over Hanford. He took the Biden Administration to court to increase access to abortion medication. He has filed legal challenges against both Democratic and Republican county party organizations. He refuses campaign contributions from large corporations.

Expanding Access to Affordable Health Care

Bob successfully defended the Affordable Care Act from the legal attack from the Trump Administration and Republican attorneys general. His Supreme Court victory preserved health care for 825,000 Washingtonians, including those with preexisting conditions. It also prevented painful increases in prescription drug costs for Washington seniors.

Improving School Safety  

Bob Ferguson partners with parents, educators, and school administrators to improve student safety. He built a coalition that included the Washington PTA and Washington Education Association to increase the tobacco and vape sale age to 21. Working with youth and student groups, Bob led the effort to combat mass shootings by banning the sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

Combating the Opioid Epidemic 

Bob is the most aggressive attorney general in the country when it comes to holding those who fueled the opioid epidemic accountable. He rejected national settlements and took the Sackler family and opioid distributors to court. As a result, he won $1.1 billion and counting that will go towards increased treatment in Washington and additional first responders to improve community safety.

Partnering with Tribes

Bob partners with Washington tribes to protect salmon and combat climate change, defend the Indian Child Welfare Act, protect tribal sovereignty from legal attacks waged by Republican attorneys general, defend self-determination, combat the opioid epidemic, and maintain precious tribal records at the National Archives.

Defending the Constitution

Standing up for the rule of law and American values, Bob successfully blocked – and eventually defeated – President Trump’s original travel ban. The Trump Administration ultimately decided not to appeal the first travel ban to the Supreme Court, and agreed to reimburse Washington for its legal fees. Bob believes everyone is accountable to the law – including the President of the United States.