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Untraceable, undetectable guns don't belong in our communities

On Monday, we filed an emergency legal action to protect against 3D-printable "ghost guns."

On Tuesday, a U.S. district judge in Washington state ruled in our favor and issued a restraining order that halts the availability of ghost gun plans – nationwide.

We won. For now.

Sign the petition to tell Trump, "Reject untraceable, undetectable ghost guns!"

Had we not won in court, these homemade guns that can evade metal detectors could be available to anyone with access to a 3D printer. No background check. No criminal records check. No way to trace or detect the plastic (but no less deadly) weapons.

For years, the U.S. recognized 3D-printed guns as a national security threat. Then the Trump administration – suddenly and with no reasoning – gave a renegade Texas company permission to publish blueprints for making ghost guns. Our office wasted no time in filing suit to protect against this ill-conceived and dangerous White House decision.

This fight isn't over. The restraining order is temporary. As long as the gun lobby maintains their sway over politicians, we can't count on Congress for help. President Trump has the power to ensure that 3D-printed guns are not readily available on the internet – but will he?

So it's up to our legal fight.

Now the real work to safeguard against ghost guns begins.

Sign the petition to tell Trump to keep homemade guns off our streets.


Posted on August 6, 2018.